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Q: Why 4 people, or 4 time corners? Couldn't you just have one?

Due to the supremacy of the 4-corner-quadrant division (that supremacy having been proven on this page), there must be four time corners. We can verify this using a different perspective:

The graph for one time-corner only

This is the graph for one time corner only. It doesn't fully represent the dynamic duality! At any one point, it's only day, only night, or neither. This graph doesn't represent the dual coexistence of these opposites.

The graph for two time corners; those corners being diametrically opposed to each other

Now, this second graph contains a number of areas in which both day and night are represented. However, there are also points at which the two converge at zero. These points would imply that day and night cease to exist: a proposition that is clearly false. Furthermore: although midday and midnight are represented, sunrise and sunset are not. As such, it's as though the transition between the extremes ceases to exist.

The graph for all four time-corners

As you can see, these problems are all rectified when we introduce the full harmonic minimum of four time corners. The day-night duality is represented equally at all points.

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