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The Rational Belief

What is the rational belief? Answer: It's a faith in rationality. In our daily lives, we often rely on reasoning, deduction and logic. That mere fact demonstrates our belief in rationality.

The ultimate rational belief requires us to apply rationality to the entire universe. It'd require us to have faith that our existence is fully rational; faith that in order to comprehend the world, we should require nothing but logic.

Through reasoning, we reach conclusions. These conclusions are considered to be true. But what is truth?

The answer: it's consistency. If a conclusion is consistent with reality, then it's true. If a verbal account is consistent with events that actually happened, then it's true.

According to the rational belief, the universe is fully coherent and consistent.

Through rationality, we view the universe as being fully coherent and consistent.

Now, let's discuss incompleteness. We can't actually prove rationality, because there's the possibility that the universe is... Incoherent.—Irrational.—Inconsistent.

This possibility, this possibility of MEANINGLESSNESS, is known as nihilism. We could choose to believe in a nihilistic reality; alternatively, we can seize the rationality that inexorably pervades our lives, and opt for a rational belief. Such a rational belief would be able to include and thus account for the presence of Chaos; and it would account for the degree of uncertainty and incompleteness that Chaos brings.

Within reality, there is much chaos, and abundant chance. But there is also stability; there are patterns upon which we can rely. Applying rationality, we conclude that such patterns are reflections of fundamental laws. Now if reality were all completely random, then rationality and rational-thought could have no effect but to affirm the nihilism.

Rationality views the universe as being based upon a set of fundamental laws. Singularity-nihilism regards the universe as being entirely chaotic, with no meaning.

Actually, nihilism is a singularity. Nihilism equates to a postulation of zero meaning in the universe. It reduces everything to a point of nothingness, such as would be a zero-point. It's a singularity; that's what it is.

But having mounted upon the mighty steed of rationality, let us depart from the morbid fortress of singularity, and ascend to the third level of existence. Let's consider full volumetric space.

Full volumetric space

Is this space finite? Could it be contained within a finite cube?

Depiction of the volumetric space restricted to the bounds of a finite Cube-shape

But then there'd have to be more space outside the cube. We can't limit it; it doesn't make sense.

Is this space then infinite, as depicted below?...

Question-mark; we can't depict infinity, given that infinity doesn't exist.

...Oh whoops, I couldn't portray it, because infinity doesn't exist. Think about it: it's an incomprehensible notion. With our finite resources, we could never measure or traverse an infinite region. Infinity does not exist.

And an infinite space is incoherent. In order for something to exist, it has to cohere somehow; but an infinite space can't even communicate from one end to another, and it cannot self-cohere. It's fundamentally immeasurable, and incoherent and nonexistent. Infinity does not exist.

So, what's the solution? There must be space outside the Cube—but that space cannot be infinite. Here, then, is the solution:

A depiction of space-foldback; wherein the top folds to the bottom, and vice versa; and the left folds to the right, and vice versa

Space foldback. Reaching the top edge, one re-emerges at the bottom edge. Similarly with the left and right edges: they, too, fold back. It's finite space, but it folds back upon itself.

Here's an analogy: The earth's surface is finite. Yet, it folds back on itself. You can travel as much as you like, and never fall off the edge; rather, you'll keep returning to the same places, over and over again.

Using probability, we can affirm that this is the correct solution:

Everything that could possibly exist has a probability of its existence. There are a finite number of these probabilities--necessarily, they're finite in number. Therefore, one must eventually cycle through all possible states and return to the beginning-merely a repeating cycle of the same things.

If something exists, then it must have a probability. Its probability couldn't have been infinitely small—otherwise, that existence could never have come to pass within a finite and measurable realm.

But given that every state of existence has a probability, and given that an infinite number of states would decrease the probabilities to an infinite diminutivity, and given that this would preclude the existence of any of those infinitely improbable infinitely-numerous states, it is to be concluded that there are a finite number of states.

This means that we shall be cycling through this fixed number of states—as though we will continue to experience the six sides of the die. Eternally.

This applies to both space and time. It proves space to be an interconnected expanse. It proves that time is cyclical.

Everything is cyclical, everything has cycles—and these cycles are represented using the 4/16 Rotation Principle.

This established, proof proceeds:


We consider any level of existence: a line (CASE 2), a plane (CASE 6), or a volumetric space (CASE 11). This level of existence cannot be finite with boundaries, otherwise it would arbitrarily preclude its own extension.


We consider any level of existence: a line (CASE 2), a plane (CASE 6), or a volumetric space (CASE 11). This space cannot be infinite, otherwise it would be absolutely immeasurable and therefore nonexistent.


We consider CASE 15 and CASE 16. Through the process of deduction, we conclude a necessary solution of foldback: although finite, the given level of existence folds completely back upon itself, meaning that if it is extended, it merely overlaps itself.


Considering space, as it exists in the universe, we apply, from CASE 17, the solution of foldback. We prove that space, necessarily, is an interconnected expanse.


Considering time, as it exists in the universe, we apply, from CASE 17, the solution of foldback. We prove that time, necessarily, is completely cyclical.


From CASE 34, we take chaos. We use it to randomly combine various levels of existence—these being lines (CASE 2), planes (CASE 6), and volumetric spaces (CASE 11). In doing so, we create states of existence.


From CASE 38, we reason that in order to have been created, each state of existence must have a probability of its own existence. Owing to the disproof of infinity from CASE 16, this probability cannot be infinitely small or large.


Owing to the disproof of infinity (CASE 16), the possible states of existence (CASE 38) must be finite in number.


Given that, from CASE 39, each state of existence is probable, and that from CASE 40, the total number of states is limited, we deduce that in progressing through different states, we will inevitably experience a recurring cycle through the full set of states. This confirms the necessity of foldback, proven previously in CASE 17.

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Further point:

Faith in rationality—the rational belief, that is—entails an absolute basis for said rationality. 'Twould be a faith in the absoluteness of the fundamental laws of the universe.

Now if you believe in an omnipotent god, then any universal laws would be subject to his whim. There would be no absolute basis for rationality. You could believe that the god will eternally uphold the laws, but that'd be the same as believing that the laws are absolute to begin with.

But of course, God does not exist.

Further point:

The fundamental laws of the universe create rationality. They cause the evolution of rationality, the formation of rationality. Subsequently rationality, in its own turn, acquires its purpose whereupon it performs analysis upon those same fundamental laws. Laws, rationality, laws: it's a harmonic feedback loop.

Further point:

Chaos creates a range of different configurations. These are then prone to be linked together into a 4-corner cycle. In this way, chaos provides leverage for the Cubic cycle laws to manifest themselves. See category Time Cube in Nature.

Further point:

The concept of infinity is derived from considering a finite space and considering its finite limits to be "false". For although finite limitations are real, and although it's true that some things are false, the combination of the two concepts—that is to say, the idea of "infinity"—is something that is paradoxical. In short: there is no infinity.

Further point:

There are small-scale examples of foldback. Earth's rotation is one of these. As shown in 4/16 Rotation Principle, it cycles through 4 space corners and 4 time corners, with a foldback principle linking each set of 4 into a circle.

Without time foldback, there would in fact be nothing constraining Earth to keep rotating. As it is, there are various factors that cause minor variation between each iteration of the cycle: that is to say, each full rotation of Earth is slightly different.

Actually, even though they are slightly different, they are nonetheless almost wholly identical. That identicality serves as evidence that the time foldback principle remains strong and intact.

Word evil is fiction worship. Revelations for Omnific and Infinite Time Cube Creation, that equates ineffable Truth and the 'lost principle' of life. Cube unity voids 1 god entity. 4-corners void 1-corner god. I bet you can't handle Truth.
— Gene Ray, timecube.com

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