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Cubic Logic

As explained previously in article The Rational Belief, truth is consistency. That's right; truth is consistency. If something is fully supported by evidence and reasoning, and it's not contradicted by any other evidence or reasoning, then it is, in fact, true.

We shall title this the Cubic Law of Truth. Consistency—that's what truth is.

Now, ourselves, in our everyday lives, encounter we much confounded muddledness over the issue of whether things are true. But sometimes, there is within us the inclination to investigate matters, and to determine what the truth actually is.

How should we this accomplish? Based on the definition of truth, we would need to make observations, and find consistency in them. We'd need to analyse all the disparate elements of the situation, and link them together—connect the puzzle, piece by puzzling piece, into a full and cohesive whole. This process is known as rationality.

That's right! Because, what is rationality, what rationality is: taking premises, but then, in a fully precise manner, manipulating them in order to draw conclusions. Starting with those premises, we finishingly conclude with the truths contained therein.

Cubic law of truth. The disparate premises, when linked together logically, form a conclusion--a conclusion that constitutes a rationally established truth.

Let us title this idea the Cubic Law of Rationality. Rationality is a process that leads to truth.

Now, let's assume we have a faith in the absoluteness of rationality. A rational belief, as it were. This faith would necessitate adherence to truth: it would necessitate adherence to consistency.

It would also preclude concepts the truth-values of which were undetermined. Such concepts would be superfluous, and interfere with the purity of rational thought. They'd be philosophically irrelevant, being that they don't observably impact our existence.

Indeed: Occam's razor shaves such concepts clean away from our crystal clear "modus operandi". And if we fail to reject them, then we are not pursuing truth. We are instead following a path that is irrational, lacks meaning, and therefore is nihilist.

We shall title this the Cubic Law of Untruth. Anything not shown to be true cannot be considered true: logically, it can be deemed only untrue.

Occam's Razor eliminates any unsubstantiated propositions that have an undetermined truth value. A statement or theory is only immune to Occam's Razor if it is fully supported by evidence and logic, and not overconvoluted or duplicitous.

xXxXxXxX××× WARNING! Point of caution: Dr. Gene Ray informed me that there is a diabolic misuse of Occam's Razor, whereby religious zealots employ this Razor in order to claim "God did it" is the simplest explanation of the universe. Do not be deceived! Religious beliefs involving deities are actually IN VIOLATION of Occam's Razor, as will be seen from the CubicAO Religion article. Religious beliefs are rejected by Occam's Razor, not favoured by it. ×××xXxXxXxX

Elaborating; Occam's Razor rejects, and deems untrue, deities and other imaginary supernatural creatures. Those false nonexistent spirits are superfluous—not being required to explain the universe—therefore, Occam's Razor rejects them, favouring instead Time Cube.

Let's return to the aforesaid faith in truth and rationality. That faith necessitates consistency. And conversely, it outlaws inconsistency. So anything inconsistent—anything that is not true, and that by process of elimination, is therefore false—is incompatible with the rational belief.

Let us title this the Cubic Law of Falsity. Anything inconsistent is false—accordingly, we should acknowledge it to be false, and on no account believe it to be true or potentially true.

We now have 4 laws—4 cubic laws. How are they cubic? Answer: they are cubic in that they form a 4-corner cycle.

The four Cubic laws and their relationships. Truth leads to untruth; untruth leads to falsity; falsity leads to rationality; rationality leads to truth.

The Primary Major Corner (see 4/16 Rotation Principle) is Truth. Untruth leads us to a nihilistic state in which ignorance would prevail; in turn, rationality brings us out of the deep dark ignorance and into the wide bright enlightenment. This cycle, then, is the ultimate foundation of all epistemology.

This established, proof proceeds:


(Cubic Law of Truth)

Truth is consistency. If a concept is consistent with reality, then it is true.


(Cubic Law of Rationality)

From CASE 28, to find truth, we must analyse disparate elements to find consistency between them. This process is known as rationality.


(Cubic Law of Untruth)

From CASE 28, truth is consistency; anything with indeterminable truth value is considered to lack consistency and therefore to lack truth. From CASE 29, rationality aims towards consistency; as such, anything that is untrue or that lacks consistency is considered to impede rationality. It impedes reason, and thus begets nihilism. Rationality requires that Occam's Razor be employed, and that all untruths be rejected.


(Cubic Law of Falsity)

From CASE 28, truth, being consistency, is directly contravened by anything that is inconsistent. Inconsistencies are therefore synonymous with falsities. Inconsistencies are to be considered false, not true.


From CASE 29, rationality leads to truth. From CASE 30, untruth leads away from truth. From CASE 31, falsity is opposed to truth, which suggests that it is falsity to which untruth would lead; indeed, the nihilism of untruth creates a meaningless state in which it would be valid to believe falsities. But rationality, in begetting truth, would, in turn, lead away from falsities. Based on all of this, a 4-corner cubic cycle (CASE 14) is formed: Rationality-Truth-Untruth-Falsity and back to Rationality. This demonstrates that CASE 28, CASE 29, CASE 30 and CASE 31 are themselves Cubic laws. It proves that epistemology rests on a Cubic basis.

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Further point:

In pursuit of rationality, we should aim to broaden the scope of our theories. We should aim to gain new knowledge and include it in our logical frameworks.

Convolution and narrowness of scope are both unfavourable to a theory. The theory that is simplest, and with the greatest scope, is the theory that is supreme overall.

Ultimately, we arrive at Time Cube, the theory of everything.

Further point:

An example of Cubic laws being applied (see article Religion for further detail on this):

Through Occam's Razor, religious beliefs are deemed invalid. Through being disproven by Time Cube, they are rendered false.

Further point:

True and false are opposites. There is a cycle:

  • True is true, false is false
  • Falsification occurs
  • False is true, true is false
  • Rectification occurs

When the boy cries wolf, the distinction between true and untrue is blurred. Opposites are reduced to singularity; meaning is reduced to meaninglessness. "Wolf" no longer has meaning when the boy speaks it. Neither is there any longer a dilemma: for a path towards nihilism has been chosen.

No human has personal right to believe wrong. As there is but a single creation principle, there are over 2,000 wrong and evil religions on Earth. Creation is unity, not entity.
Compare plan 'A' god with a plan 'B' Time Cube creation and discover plan 'A' is a lie.
— Gene Ray, thegreatestthinker.com, timecube.com

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