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Time Cube Principle

Principle of Opposites. Beginning from a zero point, or a singularity, we move hierarchically upwards into the first level of existence. We discover that a static principle of opposites is inherent to this first level of existence.

4 is the Supreme Number of the Universe. We establish the 4-corner-quadrant division: a geometrical principle that involves rotation, and is inherent to existence's second level.

Cube representation. A Cube contains harmonic symmetries. We apply these Cubic symmetries to represent gravitational bodies such as Earth. Furthermore, the cube rotates, and this rotation affects the Cube's symmetry in such a way as to render the Cube 4-cornered.

4/16 Rotation Principle. This is the principle by which it is proven that there are 4 simultaneous days within a single rotation of Earth.

Emotion Tetrahedron. Emotions are shown to occupy a tetrahedral geometry. But this emotion tetrahedron exists, geometrically, within the Cube itself. The connection between the tetrahedron and the Cube is found in the geometric figure known as "Metatron's Cube".

The Rational Belief. Instead of believing in nihilism, we should have faith in rationality. Also, we debunk the notion of infinity and establish a conclusive solution of spacetime foldback.

Time is Cubic, not Linear. Working from the Cube representation and the 4/16 rotation principle, we prove that contrary to Academian linear-time beliefs, time is actually Cubic.

Cubic Logic. We establish several rational-sense logical principles. For through the use of logic, we are able to validate Time Cube and disprove false beliefs.


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Time Cube Principle


Time Cube is the T.O.E.
Theoretical physics' Superstring Theory of the 4 fundamental forces exists within Time Cube. Time Cube is T.O.E. or Theory of Everything. It is the Theory of the Universe. It is the Holy Grail of Physics. It is the Ultimate Theory. It is the Unified Field Theory. It is the Theory to End all Theories - and is a totally different principle from theoretical physicists thinking. Academic ignorance of Time Cube dooms life.

— Gene Ray, timecube.com

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