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Dmitry Brant is Stupid and Evil

On this page (external link), a number of points are made against Time Cube by one known as Dmitry Brant. He has taken the time to make reasoned points rather than the "ad hominem" attacks and dumb anti-Cubic jokes more common amongst the web's disseminators of 1-corner viewpoints. One would therefore consider it appropriate to likewise take time and issue a response.

The form of a discussion or debate, with its sequences of different points and counter-points, differs from a mere straightforward explanation of a concept. It nonetheless can convey an equivalent description of the concept. Through reading multiple explanations conveyed through different formats and styles, the single concept is understood in greater depth. I thus envision pages like this serving as a aid to Cubic comprehension, auxiliary to the principal CubicAO articles.

The bulleted points below are Dmitry Brant's.

  • Since when does a cube have four corners? A cube has 8 corners, 6 faces, and 12 edges. A cube doesn't have 4 of anything! However, Gene Ray might be referring to "corner" as in the corner of a room. But for that to be effective, we would need to assign a "top" and "bottom" face to each cube we encounter, which would not be practical.

The corners are indeed the vertical edges, as with a Cube-like room's 4 corners. The Cube rotates about an axis passing through the centre of one face and the centre of the opposite face, with those two faces being the Top and Bottom, and the other four the 4 sides. Given this, it is natural and not arbitrary to designate a top and bottom.

Cube Representation explains how Cubic parameters are assigned to Earth and other planets and cosmological entities, and Cubiform and Pyramidal Lifeforms shows how they are assigned to lifeforms.

  • The number 4 itself is a square, but it is not a cube.
  • Aside from the number 4, Gene Ray pulls other numbers out of nowhere, like 4/16, 2×4×4, and so on. This might indicate periods of more extensive synaptic degradation in Ray's brain.

The 16 in 4/16 refers to the 16 spacetime configurations, as explained in 4/16 rotation. 2x4x4 refers to these 16 (4×4) configurations, inherent to the 4-corner-quadrant rotation, existing between two static opposites, such as the North and South pole. It is irrelevant that 4 is not a cubic number, since it is used in connection to the 4-corner-quadrant division, and not in connection with the volume of a cube.

  • Why does all available evidence show that the Earth experiences one day within a single rotation, instead of four days like Ray suggests? In fact, a single rotation is precisely what defines a "day," so to say that more than one day occurs within a single rotation is meaningless.

In fact, a day is a single cycle created by rotation, as explained in 4/16 rotation. A day is just a cycle of light and dark. There are four of these cycles that occur simultaneously. A single human will experience 1 day in a single rotation, but this does not preclude the number of days from being greater.

Reasoning from the simple evidence—the Earth's axial rotation, the sun shining upon it, the axis tilt averaging to vertical over one year—proves four simultaneous days in one rotation, again explained in 4/16 Rotation Principle. The 1-day hypothesis is thus actually disproven.

  • A number of times in the text, Gene speaks of an “absolute proof” of his theory, but never presents one. And the web page that is supposed to hold his explanation of the “4/16 space-times” is conveniently under construction.

The proof of 4 simultaneous days is in 4/16 rotation, and the proof of Time being Cubic is in Time is Cubic, not Linear. These proofs are based on the descriptions offered by Dr Ray in his Cubic scriptures, as well as various interviews he has done. The page under construction used to merely contain scriptures relating to Greenwich time, not the entire proof.

Now available on CubicAO is a full Cubic proof. Click here.

  • Gene claims that he will give $1000 to the first person to disprove TimeCube. But if you give him your attempt at a counterproof, he will simply dismiss it as stupid and evil. I wonder how many counterproofs he receives per day.

This should not be used in lieu of the actual counterproof, for that would constitute an "ad hominem " attack. I, for one, am able to refute all proposed disproofs of Time Cube of which I am aware.

  • Gene Ray claims that it is the educational system that is preventing children from learning the Time Cube. So how can Gene Ray understand TimeCube if he was "educated" in the same way as the rest of us? What was it that made him realize the cubic state of nature?

It is, I believe, because he is a genius, and, in addition to being able to deduce Time Cube, was able to overcome whatever single-corner indoctrination Academia and Religion had imposed upon him. Academic brainwashing and indoctrination blinds you to the truth, but it is still possible to penetrate the veil of lies and comprehend Cubic creation.

  • Do animals understand the Time Cube? (since animals are not educated as humans are)

Animals don't have to intellectually learn about the Cubic Truth, since the instincts by which they live are Cubically evolved. Unlike humans, they not reliant on Word, and their minds are not as malleable. By living according to Cubic instincts, their behaviour concurs with Cubic natural harmony.

  • What reason would the educational establishment have to prevent children from learning about the Time Cube? If a person grew up completely isolated on an uninhabited island (without an educational system), would she understand the Time Cube? I’m willing to bet that she would probably experience a single day in a single Earth rotation.

Religious beliefs, and 1-corner self-aggrandising—the belief in a 1-corner Self-Word-God, or Singularity—are the source of single-corner theories taught in schools. Since Time Cube corners and transcends religion, Academia shields itself against it and attempts to suppress it.

A person without any cultural or linguistic influence would act according to their primal instincts, as with animals. However, isolated, and without a supporting community, they would not experience normal mental developent.

  • When does a "baby" become a "child"?

The Baby-Child-Parent-Grandparent division is an approximation of the life-cycle. The "child" point occurs where the period of mere growth (baby-child quadrant) meets puberty (child-parent quadrant). It is located approximately in the middle of the "growing" half. See Cycles and Systems.

  • What if a person never becomes a parent?

It is insignificant to the community as a whole, unless all children never become parents, in which case the community would perish. As long as enough people become parents to maintain a stable population, Cubic harmony is maintained.

  • Many people have great-grandparents who are still living. In what stage of the metamorphosis are they?

Only some people live to such an old age; some die young. Overall, it averages out to the 4-quadrant life-cycle. The different life-spans are due more to chaos than to the underlying Cubic principles.

  • Someone I know is 56 years old, and has never had children. Is he still a "child"?

Unless they have experienced a developmental aberration (either an effect of Chaos, or a Cubic mechanism to prevent overpopulation), they will have been capable of bearing children, meaning that they have passed through the "parent" point but without fulfilling their potential. Again, for Cubic harmony, it is merely required that some community members procreate; not necessarily all.

  • Suppose a homosexual couple decides to adopt a child. Have they metamorphosed to the next stage, or are they still "children" themselves? Or does homosexuality not fit into the TimeCube theory?

Homosexuality precludes a person from having a child through natural means (although unnatural means could enable it); this could serve to reduce a species' population, were that required to maintain the balance of Nature. Homosexuals may still experience parenting instincts, allowing them to adequately raise children; however, this is an inferior alternative to the child being raised by their heterosexual biological parents.

  • What does this metamorphosis have to do with the rotation of the Earth?

Both are effects of Cubic time. Human metamorphosis originates from evolution of life on Earth, and Earth's rotation originates from cosmological evolution.

  • Gene classifies humans into 4 separate races: whites, blacks, asians, and native americans (“redskins”). (Probably to fit in with his obsession with the number 4). Somewhere in the text he makes an obscure remark that Blacks aren’t grateful that White people chose to abolish slavery in the United States. So we can safely assume that Mr. Ray is also racist. And I guess the 4 master races don’t include Indians, Middle-easterners, etc. (I guess they can all be counted as “black” anyway)

Humans are a global race—they exist all over Earth's surface, except the poles. And since trans-polar travel is difficult, one expects that the races would be most different at opposite points on the Equator, allowing one to designate two Major Points, with two Minor Points in between. Hence, the 4-race division.

Of course, there are also the Chaos-induced factors of land/sea configuration, and different climates and habitats on land, all of which mean that the 4-race designation is not entirely accurate. In general, there tend to be a multitude of races of races and sub-races. See Implicit Cubic Selection.

Dr Ray said:
"How many whites died while freeing blacks from slavery? Do blacks honor those whites? Blacks did not free the slaves. Ought not free slaves escape, or is a slavery cry enriching? Blacks are enslaving whites - and will soon extract revenge."
The point he is making is that the empowered blacks are likely to reach the same level of Cubeless selfishness as the whites that enslaved them. This will lead to blacks enslaving whites—the same unfavourable situation of slavery. Eventually, racial conflict may occur; or it could be racial mixing, which induces a racial slop. This problem would not occur if the races remained primarily in the specific geographic regions in which their specific racial qualities have been found to be most useful.

  • My friend’s father is white and her mother is black. On which corner does she fit?

Neither; the different, separate racial qualities of the parents have been cancelled out. Each parent's racial traits are valuable in a unique way, but the slop-child, with the traits jumbled up and cancelled out, is less valuable than both the parents. As Dr Ray said:
Interracial marriage is stupid and evil for it creates a child not of either race, betraying the child and both the races. Educators don't know black from white.

  • Now this is a really big one: How will understanding TimeCube change our life? What’s the difference if one Earth day is 24 hours or 96 hours? Will TimeCube resolve world hunger? Stop terrorism? Cure cancer? Bring interstellar travel? I mean, what’s the incentive for people to start believing in TimeCube? At least Christianity promises salvation… what does TimeCube promise?

Time Cube gives people the master gift: WISDOM. When people have a clearer, less obfuscated and distorted view of the world, they will be able to set goals that will benefit humanity and Nature in the future. They will also be more motivated to achieve those goals. See Cubic Salvation.

Christianity's supernatural promise is unsubstantiated and requires blind faith—faith that could just as well be applied to one of the countless other religions of the world (not to mention the various separate Christian denominations, each with different versions of the same, supposedly immutable, beliefs). Time Cube, however, is a rational, proven principle, which means that it transcends—not only that, but debunks—religious beliefs such as Christianity. See Religion.

...That concludes my refutation of Dmitry Brant's points. Mr Brant also makes some derogatory statements on his page, such as that Cubicism is a "vast delusion". Consider: a person within the Matrix views the concept of the real, non-Matrix world as a delusion. But once they step outside the Matrix, they recognise that the non-Matrix world is truth.

Time Cube is proven, and it is comprehension of that proof that is analagous to stepping outside the Matrix, and realising the Truth of the real world. False are all the singularity-lies of 1-corner Academia and Religion: only Time Cube constitutes the Truth. We must all break free of our shackles and open our eyes to the Cubic Truth of the Universe.

You Are Educated Stupid. Singularity Does Not Exist for life reigns as Opposites. NASA's Moon Landing was far less of an achievement than Time Cube discovery.
— Gene Ray, timecube.com

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