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Time Cube in Nature

Chaos and Evolution. When we introduce chaos into the Cubic universal geometry, evolution begins to occur. Evolution is a combination of chaos and Time Cube.

Cycles and Systems. Examination of the functionality of various aspects of Nature—including the cyclical and the systemic.

Further Cube geometry in Nature. A further examination of geometric properties that exist within Nature.

Energy and Matter. Existing within the universe are energy and matter. They both conform to Cubic principles.

Formation of Cosmological Entities. From disorganised matter, planets, stars and galaxies are formed. They constitute cosmological entities, and they possess Cubic parameters.

Origins of Life. Theories about the origins of the simplest forms of life.

Cubiform and Pyramidal Life. Across a wide range of plants and animals, Cubic geometries are manifestly evident.

Implicit Cubic Selection in the Village. By means of sexual reproduction, implicit cubic selection occurs. Furthermore, the family is the creation body. The true body is the village.

Complexities in Organic Life. Let's examine a few specific curiosities—phenomena in Nature that can sometimes transcend insignificance, and assume quite a great importance indeed.


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Time Cube in Nature


Cubes are varied and imperfect as are their human composites.
Time Cube = Highest Order. Time Cube = 'godless Truth'. Time Cube damns academia by rotating 4-corners of life.
Family is source of human creation. Community is perpetual family/self.
— Gene Ray, timecube.com

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