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Formation of Cosmological Entities

There is a dust-cloud; that dust-cloud being a atom-field and small-conglomerated-particle-field. Chaotic fluctuations occur therein.

Within a field of atoms, each atom experiences Chaos-induced random fluctuations.

Sometimes, these fluctuations form a tiny rotating vortex.

The vortex is a 4-corner rotation, one that is formed by opposing motions.

(See also the explanation of the Principle of Opposites that governs the opposites that are the two diametrically opposed motions in the diagram above. See also the 4/16 Rotation Principle that applies to the rotatory physics seen, again, in the above diagram.)

Many of these vortices will be formed. Most of them will quickly extinguish. Some of them will survive. They might even gain momentum and become large rotating bodies.

Chaos creates a small vortex. This vortex gains momentum and grows. It becomes a large rotating dust cloud.

A galaxy is formed from a big vortex. Smaller vortices therein form stars from the dust.

And in turn, the dust rings that remain around each newly formed star are transformed into planets.

Around a newly formed star, a dust ring exists. From this dust ring, planets are formed.

Rotation is necessary. Without it, many of these significant gravitational bodies would be destroyed. For instance, the solar system would collapse into the sun, and the Milky Way galaxy would collapse into a black-hole.

Depiction of a four-corner-quadrant galaxy, existing between the static opposite parameters of the Top and Bottom (vertical extremes)

Further point:

There are relationships between different cosmological entities, and these relationships exhibit what are known as harmonics (see article Chaos and Evolution for more detail on this concept). There are harmonics between galaxies, stars and planets.

Seasons are a 4-corner cycle, and they are entailed by Earth's rotation around the Sun. But moreover, the Earth's orbit around the Sun is harmonic to the orbit of the Solar System around the centre of the Milky Way galaxy.

And there's a harmonic between the rotation of a planet around a star, and the rotation of a whole star-system around the galaxy centre.

Further point:

There are chaos-induced imperfections. For instance, Earth has an axis tilt. This tilt creates a 4-corner cycle of seasons that is manifested as Earth orbits the Sun.

Further point:

The formation and extinction of galaxies corresponds to the cycle of life and death, as was defined in Cycles and Systems in Nature:

The cycle of galactic lifespans is as follows: the rotational vortices form a  galaxy from a dust cloud; then, the galaxy collapses into a black-hole; the black-hole evaporates; finally, the dust cloud reforms from the remains of the evaporated black-hole.

  • Full rotating galaxy is formed from swirling dust-cloud
  • Black hole is formed from collapsed galaxy
  • Black hole evaporates
  • Dust cloud is formed

Further point:

Once stability, and stable cyclicality, are attained, fine-tuning is able to occur. Sophisticated life has the opportunity to evolve on the surface of planets.

Cubicism debunks evil scientific singularity. Cubicism debunks evil religious singularity. Cubicism debunks evil word god singularity. Cubicism debunks evil academic singularity. Planets created via opposite rotating poles.
Solar system, Earth sphere and human body all have a front, back and 2 sides which rotate between the 2 top and bottom poles - ceiling and floor parameters.

-- Gene Ray, timecube.com

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