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Complexities in Organic Life

There are such things as parasites. A parasite will select a high-level life-form that has an abundance of nutrients. After making this higher lifeform its host, the parasite will proceed to consume the host's surplus energy.

Small parasites feed off the larger, higher-form animal.

This arrangement can be advantageous in that it withdraws, in moderate quantities, energy from the host species, and thus reduces overpopulation within the host species.

Now, viruses. Viruses are non-living. They can't procreate alone.

Virus is non-living. It must come into contact with a living host organism... and modify the host's biological functions, in order to replicate. Thus it achieves Cubic procreation.

To achieve a Cubic replication, a virus requires a host. It modifies the biological functions of that host. The end result: replicas of the virus are produced, and sent forth to continue the cycle.

Singularity education begets evil, for you were born as an opposite, between opposite sexes & the opposite Earth poles. You are educated as a stupid android slave to the evil Word Animal Singularity Brotherhood. Your analytical mind is lobotomized and you cannot think opposite of lies you are taught to think. You build the hell 'they' teach.
— Gene Ray, TimeCube.com

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