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Origins of Life

What are the origins of life? Whence did it arise, in its simplest form? Two theories present themselves:

Theory 1:

In a chemical reaction, atoms are joined together, and molecules are formed. During this process, energy is lost.

Now, the reverse of that process is achieved through electrolysis. From the electricity, energy is regained by the molecule: thus the molecule splits back apart.

This is the process of electrolysis, wherein oxygen bubbles are created at a positive-charged anode, and hydrogen bubbles are formed at a negative-charged cathode, and the electric charges are maintained through the presence of a governing voltage-source.

We can form a cycle hereby. It'll be a cycle of the formation of molecules, followed by the destruction of those molecules, and their creation again and their destruction again, and so on,repeating. Now, let's combine this electrolytic cycle we've established with another cycle—a thermodynamic cycle in which fluids are heated and rise upwards, then cool down and descend.

At the bottom, Substance B is transformed by a chemical reaction into Substance A. Then it is heated and rises. At the top, a new chemical reaction transforms Substance A back into Substance B. Then the substance is cooled, and sinks back to the bottom. A cycle is formed--a 4-corner Cubic cycle; a combination of chemical reactions and of thermodynamic physical motion.

A primitive metabolism is formed.

Now let's take that metabolism, and localise it and confine it inside numerous tiny microscopic bubbles.

Bubbles carry quantities of the substances around in the 4-corner Cubic cycle.

If one of the bubbles absorbs a substantial quantity of the substance, and grows large-sized, then due to surface tension, that bubble will split into two separate bubbles. Thus, mitosis is achieved.

A cycle of replication, forming a basis for primitive mitosis: for in this cycle, a bubble will grow big, and split in two, forming two new bubbles, each of which will then halve and divide, and so on, and so forth, forming a large population.

Also, there are replicating crystal structures. In accordance with the principles of evolution, we find that out of all the randomly created crystal structures that exist, natural selection will favour those that are able to replicate more efficiently than others. Through natural Cubic selection, complex structures are formed—structures including DNA and the like.

A Cubic geometry is seen in a crystal structure. Within that structure, Cube-Evolution produces structures of higher, greater complexity.

(For more information about the Cubic geometry that governs crystal-structures, view the Emotion Tetrahedron sub-article that expounds the topic of Metatron's Cube)

In summary: metabolisms are formed from cycles—these cycles including thermodynamic cycles, and also cycles wherein chemical reactions occur but are then reversed by an inverse reaction. Cells are formed by tiny bubbles the motion of which is in concordance with the cycle. These bubbles, when they absorb substances and undergo consequent enlargement, will be then able to mitose.

Theory 2:

Life always existed, and primitive life on Earth was transferred from somewhere else and created by some sort of higher life-form. In other words, life exists perpetually, with new life being created by old life. This would satisfy the cyclicality constraint that was proven in The Rational Belief.

Humans are fictitious word worshipers & math stupid. Human exist as personified 4-corner pyramid but with only a 1-corner perspective during a 4-corner rotation, or 4- stage metamorphosis. Truth squares Life Circle and Cubes Earth sphere. Life rotates via 4-corners. Mensa is Truth ignorant. Adults evolve from child, for adults are never born. Word worship is evil scam. God desecrates childhood.
— Gene Ray, timecube.com

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