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The WordVirus

What makes humans unique? Answer: they are the only word animals. Apart from a particularly high intelligence, they also have a unique capacity for verbal communication.

This capacity allows the human mind to be infected with a WordVirus.

Through verbal communication, a WordVirus transmits itself between human minds. It creates a replica of itself in the other people's minds. We see here an initial WordVirus in the process of transmission, with various different people holding slightly formed replicas, moderately formed replicas, mostly formed replicas and fully formed replicas.

The human mind is malleable and capable of absorbing a wide range of WordViruses. The higher the mind's learning capacity, the higher its intelligence. If an intelligent mind is infected with a low-quality WordVirus, then it can use its intelligence to reshape the virus' structure into something of greater calibre.

Biological viruses were explained in the article Complexities in Nature. A WordVirus is analogous to a biological virus. Here are the principal attributes of a biological virus, with accompanying explanations of how they exist in the WordVirus:

  • It replicates itself. Once it has infected a person, it will retransmit itself by harnessing the power afforded it by that person.
    • The WordVirus' replication and retransmission will occur through verbal communication.
  • It can exist in a non-living form.
    • The WordVirus can exist in non-living forms—such as books, electronic storage media, etcetera, etcetera.
  • And it produces symptoms that are aberrations of normal biological functions.
    • The WordVirus redirects and distorts a human's natural mental functions.

A genetic biological virus can exist alone in a non-living form. Its genetic information is contained within the isolated, non-living virus. The memetic WordVirus can likewise exist alone in a non-living form. Its memetic information is comprised largely of verbal data; this data is preserved within information storage media.

Further point:

Each race has a different WordVirus. This is because of the geographic separation—separation due to which the WordVirus of each race will evolve independently from the others.

Each race has its own separate WordVirus. And between the different villages, there are minor variations in the wordvirus.

There are small differences between the villages. For instance, there may be different dialects of the same language.

But there are large differences between the separate races. For instance, each race may have a completely different language.

Propagation of WordViruses:

The WordVirus' propagation is aided if it possesses technological power. By intimidating weaker WordViruses into submission, it will be able to destroy those memes and replace them with its own.

(It's mind-control for WordVirus propaganda. They aim to destroy existing WordViral structures and measures—then, when those existing WordViral mechanisms and facilities no longer operate, they will replace it with their own structures, a replacement and supplantment. They CLONE the thought of the word-animal singularity brotherhood.)

Behold!--we see a WordVirus that has become quite powerful. And now it's assimilating numerous other WordVirii.

It may, however, take a more insidious approach. It would pretend to ally with the target WordViruses, but covertly, it would replace their underlying moral values with its own moral values.

Through this subtle weakening and assimilation, it would inflict upon its targets a loss of meaning and consequent cultural identity crisis. The target's cultural superficialities might remain—but they would soon lose meaning on account of their true underlying basis having been removed.

Propagation of WordViruses:

In the modern age, WordVirus propagation is facilitated by technological advancements. There is mass-communication, military capability, easy transport worldwide, and more. They are all factors that contribute to the WordVirus' rapid increase in geographic coverage and density.

Worldwide Propagation of Cubeless Word-Empires--through such media as mass-communication, modern transport, aeroplanes and military technology

It's a worldwide rise in empowerment for the Cubeless Word-Empires.

Further point:

Rapid changes equate to a process of pyramiding. It's like moving down a pyramid. Beginning from a small cross-section near the apex, one would then descend through large cross-sections that exponentially increase.

The fast changes may temporarily elude Cubic judgement; but ultimately, they cannot escape or prevent such judgement. The great rapidity of the changes is a likely threat to Nature's long-term stability.

Phylogenic Recapitulation:

Sometimes, as explained in Cubiform and Pyramidal Life, ontogeny is observed as recapitulating phylogeny. This occurs primarily in biological lifeforms; however, there is a similar process that is observable in the WordVirus.

When children are infected with WordViral memes, they firstly learn basic knowledge, and subsequently progress to areas that are more advanced. To some extent, this reflects the overall pattern and history of evolution of the WordVirus itself.

Esoteric knowledge:

The WordVirus' powers and discoveries are sometimes confined to its facilities of higher learning. If those ivory-tower facilities were to cease to exist, the wider WordVirus would be without that esoteric knowledge.

We might say that such esoteric knowledge memetically transmits itself tenuously. To transcend such tenuousness, the knowledge, previously esoteric, would have to become distributed across the entire WordViral population. It would then gain greater stability and tenacity.

Similarly, the WordVirus itself fluctuates far more than the human genepool. If an instinct or idea becomes coded into the human DNA, then it transcends the ephemerality of the WordVirus, gaining a far more secure pervasiveness and longevity.

Word is not Real nor Truth, but deadly virus of humanity, transmitted through language. Teach Time Cube, You Fools.
Humans are educated stupid - and revel within their stupidity. Humans are enslaved by word, the most efficient mind control. Shackles & whips are obsolete.
— Gene Ray, timecube.com

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