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The State

A state? What is that? It is something that is formed by the WordVirus. It grants the WordVirus an evolutionary advantage.

By forming a state, the WordVirus infects a large population. Once it has done so, its chances of extinction will have been reduced.

How does the WordVirus prevent mutations within the population? How does it avoid being corrupted by these mutations? Implementation of centralised control is the means by which it suppresses mutations.

An unregulated population experiences corruptive mutations. A centralised governing entity can suppress the mutations, thus ensuring stability.

So, when a mutation occurs, the governing body reaches out to suppress it. And, having identified the mutant elements, it can then assimilate them back into the prevailing state. (For more details on assimilation, see article The WordVirus)

The State is founded upon morality. People are taught to believe that the state serves a higher purpose. They labour towards this goal, and in doing so, serve the State.

The morality, promoted by the state, impels a human within the state to work towards a goal.

Re-iterating: the beliefs with which the people are indoctrinated cause the people to support the State. Thus, those beliefs are classified Pro-State.

A typical state:

A small group of leaders dictate their intentions to law-enforcing regulatory authorities.

Short-term destabilisation—random fluctuations, let's say—are as an omnipresent danger to the state. So, there is a constitution that regulates the small group of leaders and the regulatory authorities, and in doing so prevents against unsafe burst-spasms of change.

Observe that the law and the constitution are both constructed from words. Thus observe that they are both embedded, ingrained, into the state's prevailing WordVirus.

Finally, the law-enforcing regulatory authorities exert control over the population. Thus the state restricts the population from performing those acts of behaviour that are defined by the state as illegal and criminal.

The constitution regulates the government and the regulating authorities, those authorities including police. The small group of leaders dictates its intended actions to the regulating authorities. Those authorities exert technological control over the population. Meanwhile, the constitution serves as a preventative measure to obstruct destabilisation of all of these entities.

Further point:

The state can exert control by a simple forceful oppression technique. Maybe it'd use technology as a means for this. But the people, as victims of the oppression, are likely to resent it, and might even be spurned to revolt. This creates a problem.

So, the second strategy that the state can use is to control the people by means of Word. This strategy makes sense: the WordVirus, at its basic level, consists of pure Word.

So, shackles and whips are obsolete. By penetrating the mind of each popuulation member, and by programming them in a certain way, random mutations are discouraged, and obedience is entrenched.

Brainwashing people with words:

The forceful oppression is partially relaxed. The people gain a sense of freedom. They experience beneficent emotions.

They are then taught to associate those happy feelings with a morality that supports the State. Thus, they feel compelled to embrace said morality.

The governing entity creates a system of morality that is beneficial to it. It uses insidious Word-Brainwashing to manipulate the population's emotions. It exerts less of the direct technological oppression. The state directs the population's negative emotions to the small proportion of the population who carry mutations. It directs the population's positive emotions towards the anti-mutation, pro-State morality.

But there are also negative emotions: these, the State associates with the corruptive mutations, and with any mutant factions that may happen to exist. It's the enemy of the State whom the people learn to hate.

Institutions of the State:

The government, to increase its power, generates pro-State propaganda. The content thereof is largely irrational, except for the inclusion of convenient reasoning that is able to serve as an expedient for the propagandistic purposes.

The media is one institution. Through its mass-publication of journalistic reports, and newspapers, magazines, books, radio broadcasts, television broadcasts, and internet websites, it provides the population with a fairly accurate, yet pro-State biased, vision of the wider world. So for instance, events and situations supporting the State's morality would receive great emphasis, while less desirable events would be downplayed.

Another institution: Academia, the domain of universities, professors, academians and scholarship. Academia focuses heavily on science and technology, but also serves the purpose of propagating 1-corner Cubeless doctrines including single-corner mathematics and theoretical physics. See article Academia.

Another institution: Religion, the domain of false nonexistent fictitious deities, priests, clergymen and corrupt insidious churches of brainwashing. Religion focuses mainly on false deceptive WordBeliefs, on the promotion of strict closed-minded moralities, and on psychological and emotional manipulation. For example, there are the queer monotheistic Abrahamic religions which encompass both the Islamic religion and the JudeoChristian religions. The latter is based upon the JudeoChristian bible, a jew-written document of religious lies. Furthermore, Xtian (Christian) morality defines certain acts as "evil" or "good" using very dubious and unacceptable moral definitions; they associate "evil" with the fictitious character "Satan", and they associate "good" with the fictitious characters of "Jesus" and "God". They preach a false nonexistent afterlife, specifically a life-after-death wherein one enters heaven if one has obeyed the "good" moral standards, and one enters hell if one has transgressed and has committed acts defined as "evil". But these Xtian religious beliefs and other religious beliefs are all false, fraudulent and fictitious. See article Religion.

Further point:

The state must provide the illusion of perfection. It must appear perfect.

It doesn't matter whether a law is perfectly enforced. What matters is the impression that the law-enforcement is strong.

Further point:

Within a large population, it is common for people to specialise in their professions. The focus of their labours is refined.

So, a small group will assume responsibility for a particular service, and it will provide that service to the wider community. Given many such groups, sufficiently numerous, all necessities will be covered.

Further point:

Some people seek to gain great power within society. They desire a supreme social status.

But ultimately, it's dissatisfying! Why?—Because there is a cycle whereby the individual gains power, and subsequently bestows it upon others, thus ensuring that power is distributed through the whole community.

And of course, these people are completely failing to do that. So, either they should seek a higher power, or learn to redistribute their existing empowerment. That is to say: their will to power is—with their failure to bestow—not functioning correctly, meaning that it needs to be advanced or possibly modified.

Further point:

The government is the central controlling body. It is analogous to the atom's nucleus.

The electrons are analogous to the police, stationed out in the community, and patrolling the far reaches.

The electrons, or police, bureaucracy and other government-controlled bodies, are constrained by the government, they are constrained by the nucleus. However, the government, or nucleus, is surrounded and protected by the electrons.

Further point:

Verily, there is corruption of stagnant power, stagnant organisations (see Chaos and Evolution further point #8). We want to avoid becoming petty-minded degenerates under an immutable social regimentation.

Therefore, we shouldn't be satisfied until we've evolved into the incorruptible Superman. We shouldn't stop until we've reached that fantastic goal!

See article Cubic Salvation.

Further point:

We know that Christianity emerged as a passive mentality of death-nihilism under the duress and influence of the Roman empire. Also, the Falun Gong movement has appeared as a similar popular movement under the repressive coercive Chinese communist empire.

Thus, a black hole (as an empire) will evaporate to a neutral, passive, distribution of matter without any huge central gravitational force—for under the great scourge, the great force, the people, the ATOMS, are DESTROYED by the singularity, and their own gravity no longer functions. They no longer serve as reinforcing elements of the singularity. Consequently, the singularity is dissolved, unable to maintain its own cohesive force.

And that's the Cubic order of things: destruction always bombs out, never prevailing.


  • Gene Ray says that perhaps, black holes are beyond our knowledge. At any rate, time foldback necessitates that any black hole, having been formed, must ultimately unform itself; it must self-destruct.
  • The atoms create gravity, where gravity is a composite EM (electromagnetic) force from the specific configuration of the atoms' particles. Destroy the atom, and the gravity force exists no longer.
  • Roman empire was a singularity, and the Roman empire collapsed because a singularity self-destructs. Maybe the multiculturalistic all-inclusive diversity of modern society is an attempt to foil the singularity tendencies, stave them off, but only for so long—only until the multiculturalism itself implodes—and then it'll be a singularity racing, rolling, along the ramp, the incline, to the precipice of destruction.

Further point:

The state is not the voice of the people. Democracy is not true democracy. If it was truly the people's choice, then they would choose as they wished and act as they wanted. In reality, such freedom is denied them.

In reality, the government, lawmakers, police, judiciary, the leaders and the powers and swords of the leaders, the military and police, and the mindcontrol against the populace: these are the elements truly constituting the STATE, that state being the suppressor of the people.

At the grassroots level, the people are oppressed. Only far up the social hierarchy can a human seize the reins of the state's evil power. The power does not descend to the hierarchically-low grassroots people.

It is important to know that the state is counterfeit and fictitious but that it nonetheless extols and holds itself absolute. It controls people's minds and demands that they obey commands despite obedience possibly not being those people's preferred mode of existence. The state is an evil singularity and it destroys rational thought capacity and contradicts the village tribal existence wherein the grassroots people—not a government lording over them, but only the grassroots people—are the final judges and arbiters of morality and ethics. "Fictitious life in counterfeit nation": so says Dr Ray.

Academia and religion are as entities which transgress upon the Cubic values of life unity. Human god has quarter value as 1 human has 1-corner face.
Word is counterfeit & fiction. People can live without word, and cubeless word is a poison that destroys all civilizations. Truth in Word is Cubic math. No 'Truth in Word' is taught.
— Gene Ray, timecube.com

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