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Cubic Salvation

Sometimes, elements of the WordVirus recognise flaws in the WordVirus in civilisation. They, those elements, set out to make amends.

But what action should they take to halt humanity's downfall? Pacifism, being one option, is a nihilist view: it states that we are doomed and should cease our efforts and die.

Most of the elements of nature are Good... but the WordVirus is evil. Through application of Cubic knowledge, elements of the WordVirus recognise the Evil. This could lead them to either... try to destroy humanity, thus eliminating the evil OR... change humanity from evil to Good, thus eliminating the evil, but allowing Humanity to survive.

There is another option. Let's not arrest evolution. Let's change our course from evil to good.

Indeed, we have the choice between doom and salvation!

Due to eternal recurrence induced by time foldback, past trends may be mapped onto present trends to predict the future.

Eternal recurrence is induced by time foldback. Eternal recurrence is a cyclicality. Past iterations mapped onto the present indicate what the cycles will in future bring.

So, there is a future-prediction capacity. From this augury we'll formulate strategies. We'll aim straight for Cubic salvation. But we shouldn't force people to concur.

It's their choice. It's our choice, too. There is a dichotomy lying ahead:

  • The evil possibility. The possibility of our extinction.
  • The good possibility. Cubic harmony. Perpetuation and evolution far into the future.

And there will be some people inclined only towards evil. But there will be those who desire good! The latter are the ones who will build the future. They'll be receptive to the Cube.

Without Time Cube: Evil people remain secure. Confusion and uncertainty. Altruists will turn to evil; nihilism's all they know. With Time Cube: Evil ones exposed as evil. Valiant people benefit! Potential is actualised. Inherent hope of salvation comes true.

We're on one corner of the wheel of time. Future corners are clouded up. The past assumes a similar haze.

There is uncertainty, but let there be strength in numbers! We can't do it alone, can we now? We must spread the word, and raise awareness, until the population embraces the Cube. Then, only then, will requisite momentum have arisen for pro-Cubic revolutions to occur.

We should not just attack the dragon's scales. We should attack it at the heart. If we kill the heart of civilisation, its leaves will wither, and we'll be free.

And we're not just reverting from evil to good. We're creating a higher good. That higher good will be immune to our evils. Its strength will transcend gods.

There will be much destruction, but it will not be hateful. It will clear ground for greater things—creation, from contempt. The minds of slaves are dumb, but we can overcome.

Corruptible good is corrupted... bringing evil. But only out of evil may a higher, incorruptible Good arise.

Making good of bad, evil of past times will have flowed its course. Its purpose will have been inducement of a greater good.

This shall advance the Will to Power: our purpose in life. Time Cube is an absolute truth, the only truth, the ultimate truth. Only Time Cube can bring true salvation to this dying world. Thus we'll improve and we'll evolve and we'll revolve away from death and our ascension will then bring the Superman!

Further point:

Are there non-pacifist strategies through which to achieve Cubic salvation? We could eliminate nuclear weaponry, just to prevent conflict from escalating uncontrollably.

In the past, sudden change would inflict mass-extinctions. In the present, modern nuclear weaponry could similarly create a drastic change, inflicting destruction and extinction upon Humanity and Nature. So for humanity to be Good, disarmament must occur.

We could decrease population; we'd require, for that, a close adherence to the 4-corner life-metamorphosis. We'd balance out the death-rate with the birth-rate for stability. Children wouldn't give birth till their parents had senesced enough to enter into their own grandparency.

Species overpopulates and depletes natural resources... disease and starvation exert a negative impact. The WordVirus-induced human overpopulation is likely to induce a similar impact... so for humanity to be Good, overpopulation must be averted.

Adoption of an increasedly natural lifestyle would be beneficial. WordViruses pyramid, unstably, and in complete lack of natural 4-corner harmony.

Further point:

Our duty is to reprehend all singularity. We must dispose of 1-corner beliefs.

If we're weak, we might be stupid and rely on singularity. So, we should face reality and self-actualise. Reject 1-cornerism—it's abomination; evil, bad.

The single corner's like a tangent off a mobile Cubic cycle. Wishful thinking makes us selfish, makes us want a singularity. We should not separate from our own true reality.

Further point

Karma's a religious notion representing a principle that exists in real life. All imperfections will remain unless they're changed and well repaired. All generations, in succession, will suffer the faults, unless someone at some stage rectifies them.

The flaws are passed down, propagated, they won't leave until they're made to do so. Their cycle continues, repressing the mind.

But once we stop it, once we step above it, all the flaws will be dispelled. Their purpose, finally achieved: to bring improvement.

Further point:

Swirling colours exist; beautiful, intense colours. And yet, there are some, of the dry, dull persuasion, who oppose them. They take the intensity, and seek to acidify it, make it poisonous. Make anyone who embraces those colours—SHUN them, far away.

But with strength, we can restore the neutrality, the amenability; WE CAN know and appreciate these colours. They shall fill us with strength, and allow us to soar, in a wicked, perilous flight, above all the old and dried-up cursed souls.

And above all, there will be a greater neutrality; a greater adhesion to the harmonious colour-wheel. A higher order that won't so easily slip into imbalance; one which will require even the dullards to evolve. When they do evolve, however, it is indeed a sign that progress is being made.

Through contrast and conflict with the bad, the good and the free and the colourful find growth, becoming higher and stronger and ever more prosperous. It's a prophecy for all the colours of the world.

Further point:

Following the revolution against the governments and the abolition also thereof, there will be established diverse Cubic tribes/villages.

And all of those TimeCube villages and tribes will be strongly aversed to singularity government in all its forms. Such aversion is important: for it is the necessary immunisation against the regression to a worse state.

It is up to the youth to force educators teach Time Cube, or inherit the barren Earth.
Students must free their brain and organize as a power force to stop the plunder of Nature by word corrupted professors.
If the 4 racial components of 2 sex pole hemispheres agreed to a cubing of the sphere as a spiritual unity, heavenly music of cubed sphere could be audible on Earth simultaneously to every human ear, not discord, but harmony.
— Gene Ray, timecube.com, abovegod.com

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