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Time Cube and Humanity

The WordVirus. Like a biological virus, the WordVirus infects humans. But it infects the humans in their minds, and employs mechanisms whereby it can replicate itself. Moreover, it also travels and propagates, and is stored and lies dormant, in a peculiar non-living form.

The State. A large state is formed when a powerful WordVirus infects an ample copious population. A successful state will include mechanisms that safeguard that state's own integrity.

Academia. Within society, Academia performs an efficient mass-transmission of the WordVirus. Academia also researches and develops 1-corner science and technology.

Religion. There are 1-corner selfish desires, and it is to such selfishness that religion appeals. Furthermore, religion is irrational and baseless. It is a proven fact that God doesn't exist.

Cubeless Doom. Civilisation is gaining power very rapidly. It's becoming unstable, and is currently predisposed towards self-destruction. Word-civilisation threatens to inflict Cubeless doom upon humanity.

Cubic Salvation. Following from Cubeless Doom, we find that there is hope for humanity. That hope is found in the potential aversion of the impending armageddon, and a Cubic transformation away from nihilism and into a higher state of being. Time Cube will save humanity.


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Time Cube and Humanity


Humans are educated stupid because they are really dumb and cannot even comprehend the Time Cube creation code when it is explained to them. Word enslaves human mind more efficiently than shackle. Word is unnatural and must be taught to enslave dummies. Languages have deadly virus that will destroy the educated.
— Gene Ray, timecube.com

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