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Cubeless Doom

Cubeless doom is a likely result of uncontrollable expansion of the State.

The state is evolving. It's changing too rapidly for Time Cube to validate it. Soon, it'll become very unstable.

The state's power-structure is beginning to resemble a Singularity. The whole thing lacks balance and cyclicality. It's brainwashing people with lies, and corrupting their sense of moral obligation.

The state is PYRAMIDING (see article Cycles and Systems).

Initially, there is genetic self-sufficiency. Next, there comes introduction of technology. That then results in deterioration of the genepool, and extinction!

Academia develops sophisticated technology. This technology supplants the human gene-pool. It reduces the natural human capacity for survival.

We thus become reliant on technology and on the WordVirus. Consequently, we shall share in the ultimate fate of the State.

Morality impels a human to work towards a goal. Moralities are typically promoted and advanced by large WordStates that have large populations.

Morality is a vision that impels people serve the state. But what happens when morality's goal is reached?

The amount of labour would diminish. There would no longer be any point in it. The tower of Babel, left in neglect, would crumble and shatter and fall.

Psychologically, even, the people, conditioned to work but with no work to do, would succumb to futility. They would suffer, and they would wreak nihilism. Violence, death and despair.

Ultimately, what would occur? The downfall of the State, and the doom of the WordVirus. And the ghastly demise of all those who, on the State and the WordVirus, relied.

Morality creates and empowers the state. That same WordVirus WorldState machine plunders Nature for power, and in turn outputs pollution that poisons Nature. Nature is thus harmed. The WordVirus WorldStateMachine creates conditions for overpopulation: and, overpopulation grants the WordVirusWorldStateMachine ever greater and greater power. There is an instability: the WordVirus is gaining power far too rapidly, and it could bomb out. Nuclear weaponry, for instance, represents an example of this instability--the WordVirus has the capacity to completely annihilate itself, through the use of these nuclear weapons.

And now Cubelessness, that deadly scourge, that causes evil deeds to be committed. We must fight this scourge, attack its heart, the source of its great power. Whence its power? The technology's the root cause of the problem. It's a physical expression of the Word-based tyranny. And that technology is a great threat, it threatens us with death and war and famine 'cross the world. The Cubeless Doom is nigh. Attend!—or you will surely die.

Further point:

Family and community values could motivate people to serve the wordVirusState. Other than that, however, the state has no need for such values. The WordVirus gratifies some of the population's desires, to retain their loyalty. Much of this gratification pertains to selfish desires. The population serves, improves and maintains the WordVirusState.

Selfishness is now increasing. Values of communities decline. Values the State requires are ones that make plebs think that they should serve State. Servitude to Word is what that's all about.


Abundance in the worker pool could grant the State advantage in the short-term. In the long-term, though, stability would suffer and decay. Great levels of destruction could result from overpopulation.

Techniques by which artificial life-extension is achieved are likely to contribute to growth of overpopulation.

Large wars could kill off large numbers, and thereby reduce the population: but the atoms that are radioactive and as such decay, resemble excesses that could well cause a massive chain reaction. ...Fearful, that.

Depletion of Nature:

Natural resources, are plundered by the State. The state afterwards generates great quantities of pollution and waste. Disposed back into nature, harm is the direct and bad result.

Further point:

Here is an analogy to rapid evolution. Imagine if the scales of nature were to take a sudden blow:

The scales receive a sudden IMPACT... and there are two possible outcomes that could result. One is the survival scenario. The other is the EXTINCTION SCENARIO!!!

Perhaps, over time, it would even out. On the other hand, it could result in Armageddon!

But now, let's have a different analogy. Let's consider water in a tank. If something's dropped in there, the ripples might just fade away: but water could also be lost by splashing out the edges. A dilemma.

Whether impacts are sustained or whether they destroy, there eventuates a stable state of Cubic harmony.


Pacifism's like implicit Cubic selection. The WordVirus is pacifism's domain. Pacifism's initiated when people make decisions that identify and mitigate bad problems.

Symptoms of the WordVirus' power include: military armament and weapon proliferation; plunder and ravaging of Nature; and conflict, and war. To reverse those symptoms would be to induce disarmament, reduction of destruction of nature, and peace. Such a reversal would be known as pacifism.

But there's an important thing that pacifism can only deny. That thing is conflict, and it's absolutely inherent to nature. So, while pacifism would pursue a full complete surrender, there's a bolder choice: to struggle on and aim for Cubic harmony.


Homosexuality exists in opposition to selection that occurs through sexual reproduction. Homosexuality leads to a different path: that path being nihilistic disadvantage; underpopulation, lack of reproduction.

And it is similar with single-corner singularity. Indeed, 1-cornerism's nihilist, and bastardly-queer too. It contradicts the Cubic 4-corner truth.


Similar to religious beliefs, they offer fantasy, disconnection, escapism. Through them, one evades one's responsibility. One evades the reality of which one is part.

1-corner perspective of the Self:

You can direct your 1-corner perspective towards the advancement of the village; that is to say, towards altruistic ideals. In that case, it would be subjugated to the Cube.

Or, you could direct it towards unwholesome self-aggrandisement, in which case it'd be a singularity that you'd be falsely rendering supreme.

It's an important choice. It's the sort of thing that can become the entire difference between Cubeless doom and Cubic salvation.

Continued evolution is a continuing trend. Once the earth is destroyed, however, all evolution thereon will be nullified. We can create a trend of evolution, ourselves. But we shouldn't violate the Cubic harmony of nature, if indeed we want for Nature to survive.

Further Point:

There has been the advent of modern civilisation. Concurrently, there have been huge quantities of resource-consumption by the modern civilisation.

But simplify life to villages and tribes, and it'll be a much better arrangement: far less taxing on Nature's reservoir.

Evil educators teach dumb students how to profit from plunder of Earth and to create deadly nuclear waste that will poison the children's water and destroy humanity. Both educator and stupid student must be condemned. Tis Time to ban any educator who does not teach Cubicism above cubelessness. To save humanity from extinction, like prior civilizations perished, youth must redirect self teachers, or shackle them.
How long will it take the educated to destroy Nature? Destroying Nature equates destroying future children, for Nature constitutes the reservoir for human spirit. Ever notice how Nature returns when humans leave? One day, vines will cover New York like Aztec ruins. Academic scientists created over 77,000 tons of atomic waste and more everyday - for your children's future. You educated stupid bastards are unworthy of Earth.
Cubeless word allows the evil to rule and the liars to teach. You've ignored the Time Cube and you shall suffer its curse, as did all the past civilizations. Prepare for a hell you created and deserve.
— Gene Ray, timecube.com

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