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What if each and every old person took responsibility for transmitting WordViruses to younglings? That wouldn't be so efficient. If Academia took care of all the young people, it would lift that heavy obligation.

Plan A: individual transmission, which is less efficient and more prone to variations. Plan B is Academia, which, with its batch-transmission of WordViral memes, is standardised and highly efficient.

Imagine if all of Academia were linked together tightly. Then all the teachers and professors would have frequent contact with each other, and could standardise their teachings and refine their skills. Yes indeed, Academia is a specialised entity, and as such is very efficient.

Being an institution of the State, Academia is subservient to pro-State beliefs.

The State, with its pro-State beliefs, funds research, and the research findings are assimilated into the pro-State beliefs. The state then provides filtered content from the research findings to the teachers who deliver teaching to students.

So: Pro-state beliefs dictate the selection of which of the proposed research will take place. The findings of the research are assimilated into the pro-State beliefs.

Also, consider teaching and learning. Material is taught, including some of the research findings: but those findings are firstly filtered through the bias of the State.

We see the relationships of the wider world, the leaders, Academia itself and the research it performs, and the teachings, including pro-State morality, of Academia, and the general population on whom those teachings are forced.

Q: How does Academia compare to religion?

If you believe in religion, you believe in closed-mindedness. You're rejecting rationality.

However, if you're an Academian, you'd believe in some rationality, but also in some closed-mindedness. You'd be a pedant who rejects unorthodox truths like Time Cube.

Religion accepts only closed-minded belief, rejecting rational thought. Academia accepts some rationality, but also demands some closed-minded Cubeless beliefs. Only Time Cube is fully rational, and rejects dogma.

Only Time Cube rejects all dogma and is fully rational.

Further point:

Some people are predisposed towards religion. Others, towards Academicism. Yet others are inclined towards Time Cube.

Why the different dispositions? Firstly, because of people's genetically-induced temperaments; and lastly, because of their social conditioning.

Further point:

Academia creates itself powerful technology.

Leaders of the state seize control of this technology. They gain power over the population. They gain power over the wider world.

Further point:

Linear time is a single-corner concept. So when Academian scientists use linear-time theories, what they're doing is modelling real life with 1-corner notions.

However, sometimes they perform simulations that require iteration. For instance, to simulate physics over a time-span, a certain set of calculations would be performed for each division of that time-span. So, the calculations are iterated; the process of iteration forms a cycle; and cycles are themselves Cubic. So, in this sense, Academian research requires a covert invocation of the Cube's 4-corners.

Further point:

Lies are prevalent. Academia spreads many lies itself. For lies subjugate the 4-corner village to the 1-corner liar. They represent a 1-corner Cubeless singularity.

Academia is mind control and a perfect enslavement for the masses of humans. Word is evil empowerment, separating man from nature.
Dumb academicians cannot comprehend their slavery to counterfeit word and its evil. Word enslaves mind. Talking dog could enslave humanity. Teachers enslave you stupid.
Demand Time Cube debate in all academic institutions. You do not have the "guts" to seek Time Cube "Truth". Academia is a religious cult empowerment of self word.
— Gene Ray, timecube.com

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